Wednesday, August 09, 2006

Yesterday's Adventures, Finale

The last 'touristy' thing we did was visit The Big Rock. What is this, you ask? Well, boys & girls, it's a rock. It's big. That's it. Oh yeah, it's in the middle of nowhere.

According to the historical plaque {not plague, plaque ~ that's for all those who read the local rag} this rock was used as a marker for the early settlers in our province. It helped them find their way to their new homes, or something like that. My eyes glazed over after the first couple lines so this may not be an accurate description. Sorry, this kind of thing is really not my, uh, thing. That's my darling hubby on the rock. He's 5'10", just to give you an idea of the size of The Big Rock. He was in fine form yesterday, making me giggle like a schoolgirl with a feather up her skirt. He climbed to the top, held out his arms to Mrs. Kracker {Senior, by the way} and said "Mommy, catch me!"

Sigh. Gotta love him.


Anonymous said...

wonderful photos, Wilma...I took some relatives from Parry Sound Ontario there, and they just laughed ..pretty small rocks compared to their area of the world. Gladys

Wilma said...

Thanks Gladys. No longer just a lurker!
It was a fun day, and we took lots of photos.