Wednesday, July 26, 2006

Um, The Election Is Over

Every day I drive 12 miles to the neighbouring town for work. Every day I fight to avoid falling asleep on the drive, as 9:15 am is really an unGodly hour to expect me to be on the road. And every day I check to see if the Election signs are still up.

They are. One is for the winner, Gerry Ritz, and one is for the male-chauvinistic, insane, racist piece of crap that ran against him.

One sign, located in the ditch, has been hayed around. I don't know whether this is someone gloating because his candidate won or what, but really, it's time.

Or maybe it is forward thinking. Maybe the sign is there for the next election?


flibirdijibit said...


Anonymous said...

i think we could start something new election sign burning

what do you think wilma

Wilma said...

I'm in! Maybe it will be as pretty as ceiling tiles!