Tuesday, July 18, 2006

New Words From Wilma's Vocabulary

Slogo ~ a hybrid of “slogan” and “logo”, it’s a slogan that is included in the logo {two for the price of one!}
Truthors ~ rumors that are actually true
Paperized ~ another word for marriage, eg. Puffy Kracker and I got “paperized” in Maui
Purple Nirple ~ originally a raspberry-flavoured cocktail, now means a swollen, bruised and possibly broken toe {injury caused by banging said toe into a shoe several times in one day}


flibirdijibit said...

yes, I have already incorporated the new 'truthors' term into my everyday speech. It's great. Somehow I thought Purple Nirples would be akin to my first couple weeks with Nova and Silvo.....hmmm...I thought wrong.

Wilma said...

Close, but no nirple.

Anonymous said...

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