Sunday, July 02, 2006

Happy Birthday Canada

Canada Day, what a glorious reason to celebrate. The birth of our nation 139 years ago . The coming together of people from different nationalities and religions under one constitution to form a new dominion. I hope you did something suitably fabulous to commemorate the day. We played bocce, drank beer and BBQ'd with friends. Could anything be more Canadian than that?

I suppose we could have played hockey, but we needed the ice for drinks.


flibirdijibit said...

trooly a great time. We really gave 'er, eh? Always good times.

Wilma said...

Yeah, I love it when we give 'er!

Anonymous said...

Rocking Moose Jaw IDOL contest, downtown streets blocked off.
Walking thro' the water park - Crescent Park, saw a SWAN.
Put on a canadian flag tattoo, wore red, sang O Canada.
Nice weekend getaway, with the Tunnel tours. Great actors in the Capone tour. Waterslides.

Wilma said...

Did you spa in MJ?

I agree with the Capone tour. I thought the acting was much superior than the Chinese history tour.