Sunday, July 02, 2006

Happy Birthday Canada

Canada Day, what a glorious reason to celebrate. The birth of our nation 139 years ago . The coming together of people from different nationalities and religions under one constitution to form a new dominion. I hope you did something suitably fabulous to commemorate the day. We played bocce, drank beer and BBQ'd with friends. Could anything be more Canadian than that?

I suppose we could have played hockey, but we needed the ice for drinks.


flibirdijibit said...

trooly a great time. We really gave 'er, eh? Always good times.

Wilma said...

Yeah, I love it when we give 'er!

Anonymous said...

Rocking Moose Jaw IDOL contest, downtown streets blocked off.
Walking thro' the water park - Crescent Park, saw a SWAN.
Put on a canadian flag tattoo, wore red, sang O Canada.
Nice weekend getaway, with the Tunnel tours. Great actors in the Capone tour. Waterslides.

Wilma said...

Did you spa in MJ?

I agree with the Capone tour. I thought the acting was much superior than the Chinese history tour.

tamado said...

Wish I could have been there to give 'er. In true parent style we watched the fireworks in Regina from our friend's driveway so our four year old could sleep. Wish we could have been at your BBQ, but alas :-). Sat around a fire, drank smirnoff coolers and ate too much - also truly Canadian I believe.