Friday, June 30, 2006

It's Friday!

Last day of the week for me. One week down, 4 to go until I get some days off. I know you'll probably give me flack for saying this, but workin's hard! When you're not used to having to get up and be somewhere every day, with a smile on your face and your brain out of reverse, it's really tiring.

I sure am glad I have Sugar Daddy Puffy Kracker to keep me from having to work full-time all the time. I'd be much bitchier and have WAAAAAAY more Death Bed Moments than I do now.


Anonymous said...

Have a great long weekend, sure wish I could be there to hear you preach at me--oh well you can preach over me at my funeral.

Love yah

Wilma said...

Whaddya mean, you're not going to be in Dodge this weekend?
Shame on you!
We're cooking up BBQ on Saturday - sure you won't change your mind and join us? I made up a special batch of "Parade Float Slush"

Anonymous said...

oh it sounds so good but hey picture this:

9 hours one way in a vehicle with my husband and good friend to visit a friend of theirs, stay one day and travel home another 9 hours in a vehicle with husband and good friend (on the terms that husband and good friend haven't pissed me off and I leave them in high level)

talk to you soon


Wilma said...

High Level. Right.

Have fun!

flibirdijibit said...

I want slush.

Anonymous said...

Been to High Level, ALberta, in the early 1990's Culture shock for me. Like sorry we do not sell hair spray at the drugstore because the locals will "get high" on it.
The motel windows could not be locked from the inside @ ground level!!Carved out of the bush, commercial strip , along the road then apartments , then duplexes then single dwellings. And 8 butt busting hours to Yellowknife.

Wilma said...

So, you're not moving there then?

Anonymous said...

update: survived High Level got there about 5 on Saturday had nice supper, had a visit then Sunday he took us on a 3 hour tour (one way) to the NWT falls, got home Sunday night and Monday morning left bright and early for home. Alot of traveling but SURVIVED!!