Thursday, June 22, 2006

What's the Deal With My Eye?

I've had a fluttering eyelid for the past two days. Does this ever happen to you? Is it stress related? Is it lack of sleep? Have I been staring at the computer monitor/TV/books/magazines from Betty too much?

Is the headache bump pressing on an auto-response part of the brain that controls muscle spasms?

Geez Louise, it better go away soon. How will I ever get mascara on without looking like I applied it on a plane during turbulence?


Anonymous said...

It happens quite regularly to me and I am still here.

flibirdijibit said...

that sometimes happens to me too. doctor says me needs more potassium and magnesium. also if i am REALLY stressed it happens, like if I am gearing up for a confrontation. which very rarely, if ever, happens. so take some pot-ass-ium!

Anonymous said...

MASCARA for the summer?
treat yourself and DYE your eyebrows and eyelashes.
JULIE the new bride to be could do it in the small town from Dodge or any MERLE NORMAN in the big city

Wilma said...

Yeah, tried that once, the dye does nothing for me. I don't have thick enough eyelashes for it to make a difference.

I need the bulk of multiple layers of mascara to make it look like I even HAVE eyelashes.

flibirdijibit said...

I hear ya Wilma! If I am not wearing mascara at anytime, people will stop me and tell me 'how tired', 'how awful' I look! I best keep my lashes coated in order to look alive at all!