Tuesday, June 06, 2006

Two More Feet Done

Another hour and 1/2 in the back alley today, digging, pulling, shovelling and two more feet cleared of dandelions ~ the new bane of my existence. 7 feet in total done now, only about 70 feet to go! OMG, I'm tired. My muscles ache. My headache bump is throbbing. And I'm out of beer.
I'm already becoming less attentive to details, pulling weeds, small trees and other stuff at will with the hope that I will just be done and done soon!

While I was digging today, I discovered a plethora {note big word, obvious proof of my super-geniusness} of earthworms. Now, call me crazy {You're crazy!} call me a Freudian nightmare, call me warped, but I couldn't help noticing that earthworms bear more than a passing resemblance to uncircumcised penises.

1 comment:

Wilma said...

Okay, so the total is about 50 feet. But it seems like 70!