Thursday, May 04, 2006

Top 6 Things I Loved About My Wedding

Surprise!! A bonus Top 6!
Recently, Puffy Kracker and I took the plunge and said our vows, exchanged rings, and started threatening each other with divorce. Every wedding I go to, I look around and say "We're not doing that. That's lame. I don't like that. No Way!" So I'm really glad we were able to have the wedding that we wanted ~ which is the most important thing, right? That the couple be happy?
So here are my favorite things about the wedding:

6. No fighting, misunderstandings, hurt feelings, or issues to deal with.
5. Barefoot
4. No bridal shower, stag or stagette to endure.
3. Those who knew kept the secret better than I did! Well done Pebbles and Fancy Pants!
2. No one believed us when we got home until proof was shown.
1. The groom. (Okay, boys and girls, all together now "AAAAAAAAAWWWWWWW!")


Anonymous said...

Congratulations I am so excited for you two.

Your pictures are BEAUTIFUL!!

love you both

Anonymous said...

Congratulations to the groom
Best Wishes to the bride.
And your "gift registry " is in what store in Dodge?
Or just gift certificates for online @ Sears ?
Your sex, oops six favorite colours for towels, cushions, quilts other linens is??????

Wilma said...

We're registered at the LBS of course!