Saturday, April 08, 2006

Top 6 Reasons Why It’s Good to be a Procrastinator

I am a card-carrying, flag-waving, proud-as-punch member of the procrastinator’s club. As several of you can probably attest. So instead of viewing this as a negative personality trait, I am going to attempt to shed a positive light on the art of procrastination.

6. If you wait long enough, someone else will do it and you won’t have to.
5. If plans/rules/requirements change at the last minute, you won’t be effected cuz you won’t have started the report/application form/whatever yet.
4. No one expects you to be early on anything ~ in fact, they will anticipate you being late. If you do manage to make a deadline (or, God forbid, actually do something early) everyone will be so surprised and happy that you can actually do a half-assed job and get away with it!
3. Low expectations = low stress and a higher chance of impressing others. (kind of a repetition of #4, can't stress it enough!)
2. That thing you wanted to buy but never got around to purchasing is now on sale and you just saved money!
1. Working under pressure against a deadline is a better cardio workout for your heart than jogging. Proven scientific fact. Heard it from a very reliable source.

So all you eager beaver, early-risers out there ~ consider a life-style change and join me. You’ll be glad you did.

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Tom Weston said...

Yup, I'm one too.

In fact, I'm so bad that I require an actual hard and fast due date for everything.

I could blame the weed, but that isn't fair to the weed. Completely sober, I manage to do not very much with my day and end up watching the internet go by and get angry at stuff I can do nothing about.

Sad really.

But not today.

I did laundry and cleaned the floors and even made supper. I'm the best house husband ever.