Sunday, April 09, 2006

Splurge Club Highlights

Last Friday, I hosted the Splurge Club at Casa Wilma to show off all the goodies I purchased with my moolah ~ $400 smackers!
It reminded me of the last Halloween party I hosted ~ low on guests, but all the important people were there. Black Betty and Pebbles of course attended (and came early I might add). I wouldn't have scheduled the party for a date they couldn't make it, mind you. I mean, what would be the point? Pebbles brought the little Stone to meet and greet all the ladies. Out of a possible 7, 2 showed up. Apparently, the others had more important things to do. I mean, I guess your husband getting arrested is a valid excuse?
Anyway, gifts were given to Stone, I showed off the loot, many goodies were eaten, and Pebbles name was drawn for next month. What a lucky pick!

The problem with Splurge Club is that now I can't stop shopping. Once you spend a wad of dough like that in one shot, you just wanna keep going. No wonder Puffy had a slight stroke when he checked out the Visa totals. Don't worry boys and girls, he'll still be able to travel this week. He's just slurring his words a little.

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