Saturday, April 08, 2006

Saturday Performance Recap

Saturday night made me believer again. We had the smallest crowd we’ve ever had for a Saturday ~ 108 people ~ but the most flawless performance of this show to date.
We could do no wrong up there (ok, there was one little, teeny glitch at the beginning with the phone but that was minor). The lines were all there, the characters were completely fleshed out and believable, and the hamming was out of control!

I must again humbly thank the stage crew J-Rod, K-Red and JezzieV for the fabulous props they provided me for the third act. I almost remember the end of the play! Mmmmmm, I love vodka!

I must also commend our audiences. They may have been smaller than we're used to, but they were more responsive than we could have wished for. And they can gloat to their friends who had better things to do that they missed "the best show yet"!

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