Wednesday, December 16, 2015

Top 6 Things I've Learned From Made-For-TV Christmas Movies

WOW!  Haven't had a Top 6 here at DBM for a long time, a LOOOOOOOOOONG time!

Well, tis the season... for Holiday Movies!  They've been playing since early to mid November, 'round the clock since December 1st, & frankly, I'm sick of them.  Sick. Of. Them.  If you ever want to feel bad about your life, your home, your job, or your relationships, just watch this schlock.

Anyhoo... onto my Top 6 list! Now, there are different settings & different situations in these movies, but there are several common themes running through, so here they are:

6. Every home & business looks professionally decorated.
5. Only choirs made up of children sing "Silent Night".
4. No matter how grumpy, crotchety, or mean someone is, they will have a change of heart at Christmastime (usually Christmas Eve) because reasons.
3. It always snows on Christmas Eve.  No matter where you are. Snow, big fluffy flakes of it.
2. All it takes to be happy is to be part of a couple.
1. One kiss is all it takes to realize someone is your one true love.

See what I mean?  What rot!

What have you noticed about Christmas movies?  Do you watch them? 

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