Thursday, February 05, 2015

Confusion Is My Middle Name

Technology escapes me.  I don't understand a gol' dang diggetty bit of it.

I thought I did.  When I started DBM, I bought myself an HTML for Dummies book & worked diligently to make my interweb home a place I really liked.  & I used that book to upgrade change renovate twice since.  I searched out other blogs, finding new things to incorporate into DBM.

Now... I can't even program the Netflix.

Now... I can't get my Favicon to work anymore.  

Now... I don't know how to find the bookmarks I've saved on my Kobo.

Now... I wait anxiously for my cell phone upgrade date {8 months, 13 days}, hoping to make it before my iPhone 4S gives up & turns into a brick.

I'm the most upset about the Favicon.

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