Sunday, January 25, 2015


21 page views. Yesterday. 

On a blog that, for lack of a better word, has stagnated for the last two years. I have an overwhelming urge to thank you - thank you for continuing to check in, continuing to visit to see if anything is going on here at DBM.

I am finding not just writing but life in general to be too much right now. I am struggling under a blanket of responsibility; uh - not a blanket, a thick, heavy, 7-layer grandma quilt of smothering responsibility that is making everything I do take a lot of effort.

I've talked before about my problems with depression and brain fog and troubles with actually coping with life & all its foibles & challenges. Right now it is not the worst of my life, but it's pretty bad. I have once again taken on too much and am suffering from the effects. But the 21 page views really brightened my day.  So thank you. Thank you for not giving up on me. Thank you for giving me incentive to continue. Thank you.

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Anonymous said...

I am sorry you are going through a bad time. If I can do anything to help please don't hesitate to ask!! much luv--your twin's wife