Saturday, March 29, 2014

Damn This Memory Of Mine!

I'm just going to put this out there: I love writing {duh!  That's why you have a blog, silly!}
Mkay, yes, that is an obvious thing to say.  But I really do love writing.  I love creating with words, making images that people can see if they close their eyes.  It makes me happy when I get the phrasing JUST RIGHT, when my words convey exactly what I'm thinking and feeling. 

& as much as I love writing, I love reading good writing.  LOVE. IT.  I follow a few blogs, not as many as when I started cuz some have become defunct, or disappeared, or been made private & I wasn't invited to the party {sob!}, & all of those blogs fed my writing soul with lovely morsels of words & phrases & stories; there are some amazingly talented people out here on the interweb!

One such writer had a blog about her fight with infertility.  I loved her writing.  It was poignant & sweet & her emotions came through with such clarity!  She, luckily, had 2 children & transformed her blog from living with infertility to living.  It was a great moment for her when she renamed, rebranded her space her in interspace.  

I enjoyed reading that blog! & be damned if I can remember what the hell it was called.  I can't even remember her user name. 

If this sounds at all familiar to anyone, please let me know?  I want to reconnect.


Wilma said...

I'm an idiot. She's on my reading list.
Go check her out! aka Mrs.X

Unknown said...

You also have beautiful words, if that makes any sense. I just started blogging and I wish I had more of what you have, it's amazing!!!