Sunday, February 09, 2014

Top 6 Ways To Fail At Facebook

I'm bored, tired, & waiting out a really long layover in Chicago airport, trying to get home from a holiday in Taiwan.

Here's what my friend list is doing to piss me off:

6. Believe everything you read.
5. Share every story that crosses your news feed without researching & verifying its validity.
4. Don't read any of the comments before yours. This ensures repetition ad nauseum.
3. Don't change any of your settings, ensuring that any &/or every game you play bombards your friend list with requests & info they don't care about.
2. Link your home-based, pyramid-scheme business to your personal account & update your status multiple times a day.
1.  Post vague, attention-seeking, or passive-agressive status updates hoping for comments or inquiries into "whats wrong?"

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