Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Technology = A Happy Wilma

After several years of blogging, & trying unsuccessfully to register my phone, I am finally able to post from my phone!

This makes me happier than Galliger at a farmer's market! I have slowly moved away from using my computer on a daily basis as I am on one for both my jobs, & find it to be too much. Just too much. But now! Here I am, stuck in bed with back spasms [yes, again] communicating with the 2 of you who still visit me at DBM.

I know they say - whoever the hell "they" are - that we shouldn't rely on machines so much. Anyone who has watched an Arnold Schwarzenegger movie can attest to the dangers. They say we are becoming increasingly isolated, unable to form meaningful relationships or carry on a coherent conversations. Did you know that cursive writing is no longer taught in school?!? That really has nothing to do with anything, except that it pisses me off.

Well, i don't really care what they say. I think that if you don't embrace the new advances, the new changes & challenge yourself to keep abreast of what is out there, you are allowing the world to leave you behind.

& no one likes to be left behind.

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