Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Depression Hurts

I've been struggling, oh so hard, to become myself again.  But it has been a battle, & I am oh so tired.

Thank jeebus I have found the light ~ & by "the light" I mean "drugs" & by "drugs" I mean a little pill called Celexa.  With Celexa, I am finally seeing the light at the end of the tunnel.  With Celexa, I am able to focus.  With Celexa, I am able to face those issues in my life that have been causing me problems head-on.  With Celexa, I am in therapy.  With Celexa, I am making plans for the future.

With Celexa, I am finding ME again.  & I am awesome.


Blue said...

Really, really it's working for you and you've found your magic drug.

David Smith said...

I strongly advice you to not exceed the Celexa recommended dosage during pregnancy to avoid any inconvenience.

Wilma said...

HAHAHA! Thanx David, but that will not be an issue for me :-)

Arizona Packers said...

Thankks for sharing