Monday, November 28, 2011


I confess, I have been involved in a new love lately, a love that is easy on the eyes & brain & so handy to date ~ from my phone!

I've been spending a lot of time on Twitter lately.  I don't post a lot.  I retweet things from others.  I read a lot.  A Lot.  

Every night as I lay in bed, I check my Twitter feed for news, views, & things that amuse. I follow all the Roughriders that Tweet {I hear Rider news almost before Rider Prophet!}, some celebrities, some comics, some friends & a horoscope feed.  87 in all.  It is easy & quick & simple & I don't have to think.

I kinda miss thinking.  I miss creating a blog post. I miss working with words.  I miss feeling & thinking that I am clever.  I'm hoping that the fog that lurks in my brain will soon be burnt off by the warm rays of thought coming from the deep inner recesses of my mind, or wherever the hell the places are that are still capable of thought. That kind of thought.

I want to not be tired.  I want to not be in pain.  I want to be me, wholly me again all the time & not just for quick bursts that flame high & bright & then die within seconds. Blah.  I can't even blame the winter blues this year cuz it has been here for months. 

Yup.  Another Debbie Downer post.  Enjoy.  Or don't.  I wouldn't if it were me out there reading.  


Stubblejumpin' Gal (Kate) said...

I enjoy all your posts, no matter the subject matter, no matter whether up or down. They're all valid, they're all "just life," right? Just you being you right now. Nothing wrong with that.
Have a little faith in your readers being open to all of it. We're here because we like you. I'm always glad to see you make an entry.

Belle said...

Ditto to what Kate said. I did think at first it was winter hibernation setting in. :) Being in pain a lot makes you so tired. My husband has a problem with that. To be honest, when you wrote about Twitter it sounded like lots of fun. Whatever you do, don't be hard on yourself.