Sunday, January 02, 2011

Still Grateful For Small Things

Some of you may recall a little project that I completed last year ~ the 365 Days of Grace.  It was a daunting task ~ trying to come with 5 things that I was grateful for EVERY.  SINGLE.  DAY.  for a whole year.  Schmutzie, the amazing originator of this project, made it look easy. 

It was not easy.  Especially for this self-proclaimed Queen of the Procrastinators.  Especially for this self-declared pessimist.

I started January 1, 2009.  I persevered through depression & surgery, a cancer scare & several weight loss bets, through good times & bad cuz I'm stubborn like that.  I finally finished, a little behind schedule {so sue me} March 3, 2010.

But, it didn't end there.

Since March, I've been doing weekly graces over at Grace In Small Things, The Social Network!  Not every week, mind you, but I am trying.  I've been struggling with a bit of a downward spiral in the mood department so it's been hard, but I am still there.  I am still gracing. 

So, you can check out what I've been grateful for this past year here !

Huh.  Just how many links can one include in a post before it's excessive?  I think I may be at the line....


Belle said...

I am a pessimist too! It just comes naturally to me, like growing fingernails. But I've been trying to be thankful each day too, and it has helped me. I hope this year will be a thankful one for both of us.

Belle said...

Hi Wilma, I have gotten a "Life is Good" award and would like to pass one on to you if you would like to have it. You can pick it up and see what it entails at my blog, "Tales From A Loser" at