Thursday, November 04, 2010

Clicketty, Clacketty

Look what I can do!

I made this with my own 2 little hands, a 40 year old pattern, & 2 sticks!

Check out the fab detail!  I.  Am.  Awesome!

I was taught the basics of knitting when I was 5, but this Roughrider scarf was my first project EVAH following an actual pattern.   I'm all domesticated & stuff.  Look out, I may make a casserole & wax the kitchen floor next!


Blondi Blathers said...

You ARE awesome ... it's gorgeous.

Blue said...

Definatlely awesome, like you :))))))))))))))))

Belle said...

Congrats on making the scarf. K love the look - kind of jazzy. It doesn't look easy either.

Bronwyn said...

You did so good!!!!!!

Queen of Halloween said...

You rawk! Looks frigin' hard! A ONE OF A KIND...both of you!..;)