Sunday, October 17, 2010

Wanna See My Boobees?

I've got a bee in me bonnet today, lads & lassies!

I just found out that apparently, the little witches & wizards, goblins & ghosts, hoochie mammas & pimps will be trick or treating in Dodge on Friday, October 29th.  

Now, I'm not the most flexible person in the world, but I'm not insanely rigid either.  If someone comes up with a dandy idea that goes against my grain, I try to reason out the pros & cons of it, & acquiesce when I can see that their plan is better than mine.  That's just the way I roll.

There are, however, some things that I WILL NOT  compromise on.

  1. Stirrup pants are not allowed in my house, nor on my body, unless they are part of a costume for a play.
  2. Country music belongs no where, & especially not anywhere in my hearing range.  Don't force it on me, or I may cut you.
  3. Halloween is, & always will be October 31st.  
It's not always convenient for me to have Christmas Day on a Wednesday, but Christmas is December 25th so you suck it up & celebrate the day when it was intended to be celebrated.

So, I'm sorry, boys & girls {but not really}, if you come trick or treating at Chez Wilma on any day other than the 31st, the trick will be on you.  It's not on.  It's not happening.  I will not be handing out any treats.  You can drag your sorry selves on down the street to find some other sucker with... um... suckers.

Plenty of good treats to be had on Halloween, though, if you wanna come around when you're supposed to.

As promised, my Boobees:


Queen of Halloween said...

The divine ones did NOT get their way and treat giving day is back to the day it should be! Yippee! Love your BooBees...:}

Blue said...

Well said!
Guess some think Halloween happenings are not suitable for a Sunday but if you feel that way you shouldn't be participating anyway in my view!

Marion said...

I love this...what a great laugh I had early this morning! I love your boo bees!!!

Anonymous said...

I totally whole heartedly agree!!

love yah