Monday, September 13, 2010

Love/Hate #5

Currently loving:

  • The Other Guys ~ I'm not a fan of Will Ferrell, m'kay?  I think he's crass & lazy & does stoopid characters for stoopid reasons.  In this movie, he actually acts.  & the plot is far from the usual misfit buddy cop movie that I was expecting. 
  • My clean pantry.  ALL expired/outdated/stale food has been removed & everything is organized.  If Puffy doesn't follow the colour-coded shelving "suggestions", so help me jeebus....
  • The Passage.  I'm not getting much sleep at night cuz I CAN'T PUT THIS BOOK DOWN!
  • "found" $220 in my chequing account this week.  YAY!  & it's my money!  Double YAY!
  • some former members of the Dodge Theatre Troupe have rejoined, calling me a "silver-tongued devil" for talking them into it.  I've been called that before, but not for this reason. Ba dum pum!

Currently hating:
  • the results of Sunday's Roughrider game.  31-2 for the bad guys.  Eep!
  • my knees are giving me grief again ~ so much so that I had to wear runners to work today.  Runners!  To my bank job!  Unforgivable.
  • The cool weather.  My pills have finally kicked in & haven't had a hotflash for over a week ~ now I'm shivering all day!
  • the scary metallic scrapey/draggy sound that The Rocket made as I pulled into the parking lot at work today.  It went away, so hopefully it was just something stuck in the brake.  Sweet jeebus, can I just have a fucking car that WORKS & doesn't make mystery noises for once?!?!?
  • all the stoopid hours I've been putting in at work keeping me from doing all the stuffs I wanna be doing.  Stoopid work.


Belle said...

The Other Guys sounds like a good movie - I'll have to try it.
Your knees: Have you tried glucosomine sulfate? My knee quit hurting after I started taking on pill a day.
Congratulations on the money!

Anonymous said...

that money was bribery money from me--bribing you into giving me a part in your theate troop--I miss the old group!!

as well i would suggestt gloucosime as well. (took about a month before it kicked in but it did help).

love yah

Carrie said...

I urge you to watch the film Stranger Than Fiction, with Wil Ferrell.

He is not a comedic buffoon in it, at all. However, full disclosure: I am a HUGE Wil Ferrell fan. HUGE. He has made me laugh so hard it hurts. However, Stranger Than Fiction shows that the man can act, much like Adam Sandler in Punch Drunk Love.

I would really love to know what you think about Stranger Than Fiction, if you do pick it up.