Tuesday, August 03, 2010

Points Of Interest

SOOOOO busy!  Here's an update on my life in point form, until I actually get some free time under my belt to do some real writing...

  • working every day, one or the other job.  Every.  Day. {okay, I have weekends off, but seriously?  Every.  Day.}  How do people do this, like permanent all the time?  Ugh.
  • Getting company.
  • driving The Rocket around.  It's all kinds of awesome!  Although, totally the reason I'm working so much.  Hmmmmm.... good thing it's cute!
  • laundry.  Always with the laundry.  I think I'll become one of those people who just buy new clothes when the others get dirty.  Yup.  That sounds like a sweet deal.
  • trying to keep my plants watered.
  • reading.  Lurve the reading.
  • family reunion.  First one evah!  3 days of fun, family, & photos.
  • Facebook.  It really sucks the time right out of ya, what with the chatting, snooping, stalking, & reading. 
  • cleaning house.
  • gaining weight.  Seriously.  WTF is up with the gaining of the weight?  Not pleased.  Not pleased at all.  
  • drinking beer.  Oh... now I get the weight gain.   Neber mind...
  • eating.  I have broken my cardinal rule & have been buying stuff from the Fruit Truck  lately & stuffing it all down my gullet.  This may be contributing to my bloatedness.  You think?  You think shoving mounds of fresh fruit down my throat would make me bloated?  Duh.
So, that's my life in a nutshell.  

I'll try to come back when I can stay longer.


Belle said...

Sounds like a good life, except for the work and weight gain.

Anonymous said...

Google ate my awesomez comment. That just sucks out loud.
Anyway, here's the skinny on what it said:
FB, yeah...huge time suck. I stopped hanging there a few months ago and now like, my house is clean and shit.
I've been reading Christopher Moore...and I'm full on in love.

Oh, and I have a new blog, too:)