Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Love/Hate #3

Currently loving:

  • my personal paperwork/filing is all caught up & balanced.  I am a paperwork queen!
  • new eavestroughs & soffits are getting installed this week. 
  • house is relatively clean & ready for the weekend guests
  • The Good Guys
  • making plans for roadtrips/visits
  • The Rocket.
Currently hating:
  • being tired & overwhelmed by thoughts of all the things I feel I need to do.
  • the never-ending fucking rain that will not stop! 15 inches & counting so far...
  • constantly waiting for people to return calls, emails, messages.
  • the reality of having to live on a limited budget.
  • feeling like I don't ever get time for just me to just be.

1 comment:

Blondi Blathers said...

I can relate to a good number of those items on your "hate" list. Starting to think some are completely natural for the phase of life "we" are in, assuming you're around my age.
We've had over 20 inches around here (Wadena), and it's still coming; the things that need to be done are as neverending as the rain, so we can run our asses off constantly and never be done with it so I think maybe we have to learn to practise just BEing instead of DOing all the time -- you know, embrace the process instead of the end result, and relax about it -- and no one else can do that for us; and the limited budget thing, well, I don't want to work more than I do, but I want more money. Feng shui, anyone? Can't hurt to try it. I am busy putting purple in my bedroom, which is the prosperity corner of my house, and waiting for my ship to come in.