Sunday, June 13, 2010

This SEEMED Like A Good Idea

Sunny days are here again.  The skies above are clear again!

For real & for true.  Sun yesterday AND today.  This is a small miracle considering the more than 7 inches of rain we've endured received this spring so far. So.  Much.  Rain. 

Don't get me wrong... the rain is great & much needed.  When the snows first melted this year, everyone complained of the drought-like condition of the fields.  & I like rainy days.  Rainy days mean curling up under a blanket on the couch in front of the fireplace with a book without guilt.  Rainy days mean long, lazy afternoons of watching movies.  Rainy days mean chatty phone calls with friends.  Rainy days mean desultory attempts at tidying the house & getting sidetracked by naps.

Eventually, though, things need to be done.  Crops need planting, grass needs cutting, weeds need pulling, trees need trimming.

Yesterday was an absolutely fantabulous day.  Sunshine, petite breeze, 22°C ~ just bee-you-ti-ful. I actually had some energy, some gumption, a little get-up-&-go so decided to attack the back alley.  Our neighbours have been helping me keep it in tip-top shape by spreading their grass clippings among the plants for the last couple years in an attempt to keep the weeds under control, which enabled me to complete this task in one afternoon!  What used to take me DAYS now takes me 3 hours.

3 hours that resulted in my back, thighs, & glutes becoming painfully stiff, so stiff it hurts to get off the couch today.  Nothing some morphine & a round of massages couldn't cure....

But the alley looks great.  That's worth it, right?

Trees sure grow fast, huh? 


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Belle said...

Like the seeing the earlier and later pics of the alley. I just weeded my daughters back alley of something almost as tall as me, but luckily had shallow roots. It does feel good to get stuff like that done.

Roan said...

Yes, I do love the way those trees grow. I think about planting one, but then realize I would be dead before it makes shade...and don't. lol Nice work on the alley. ;)