Saturday, April 17, 2010

Slow Recovery Time

Festivus is over {sob!} & I'm back to reality.  Back to work & laundry & cleaning house & laundry & a to-do list 10 feet long.  Good bye 10AM Caesers! Sayonara afternoon naps. Adieu 4 PM cocktail hour!  So long midnight lunch!  Farewell dancing for hours!  

Hello bad back!  

Tuesday, I bent over to pull my socks on, & my lower back decided that it was going on strike immediately.  All the muscles clenched up tighter than a virgin on prom night, & have refused thus far to release. My diet this week consisted of Robaxicet & Advil PM, with a side of Mentholated cream & heating pad.  Alas, the pain, the spasms, the wrenching agony remains.

My neighbour told me to get new socks. Heart him!

There shall be an update on the goings-on soon ~ well, as much as I am able to tell without violating my non-disclosure agreement ~ but for now, enjoy this sneak preview of Shirley Rice & I enjoying one of the many fun things to do in The Jaw.

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