Sunday, April 25, 2010

Colour Me Sad :-(

"Horrible news came through the wires today – the long-running and ridiculously popular internet parodies based on the 2004 German film Downfall are slowly being removed from YouTube due to a copyright complaint from Constantin Films.

The Internet meme, which has spoofed everything from being banned from Xbox Live to Canada's opening round loss to the USA in Olympic hockey, has been viewed almost 100 million times altogether.  You might think that Constantin Films would love the free publicity, but apparently they don't.

Not surprisingly, there's already a new one up in which Hitler reacts to the videos being removed – enjoy it while you still can!"

My personal fav was made in reaction to the 13th man penalty during that last seconds of the 2009 Grey Cup Game.  BOO to you, Constantin Films.  For shame.

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Blondi Blathers said...

Thank you Wilma, that was great! Sucks about the copyright issue.