Monday, March 08, 2010

Not Yet Not The Loser

Last night was Pebbles & BamBam's annual "Not The Loser" party {otherwise known as "The Oscars"}.  The usual suspects gathered for drinks & noshes & good-natured banter about our picks & pans of the Oscar race.

Everyone gets a ballot & makes 2 choices for each category. If your first pick gets the award, you get 2 points.  If your second pick wins, you get 1.  Total points available = 48.

The competition is fierce, with many side bets suggested & much derision displayed for other's choices.  Heated debates are not uncommon.  Cat-calling during the red carpet coverage is de rigueur, with Charlize Theron's frock garnering the most boos, while James Cameron's wife Suzy Amis caused the most calls for "For the love of God, woman, eat something!" I believe there was also a suggestion that her twin separated at birth is none other than the Crypt Keeper.  

This is not a party for the faint at heart.  There is no room for tact here.  It is loud, raucous & unruly.  There is much opinion bandied about, accompanied by much less fact.  It is, in a word, fun.  

The elusive, much-coveted prize for the most points?   This beauty right here:


I came in at a respectable 34/48, which was 4 short of the Not The Loser this year & much, much more than I has other years.  I'm content with my third place finish, but I won't rest until that fragile beauty is mine!  {Fragile because the lovely Stone had an "incident" with the trophy, resulting in some damage which prompted BamBam to warn us all not to touch or even blow on the trophy, for fear of it falling apart!}

Someday, my precious, someday you will be mine.

Greatest tragedy of the night?  Farrah Fawcett & Bea Arthur being left out of the In Memorium slide show.  They may not have been "movie stars" but they appeared in more movies than freakin' Michael Jackson. 

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Anonymous said...

Oh, your party sounds fantastic....and the trophy? I'm jealous. Next year I'll cast a virtual ballot and maybe I can win a virtual statue, yeah? ;)

NO kidding about Farah and Bea! Did you hear their reasoning? MJ had a movie that had just been released, so that's why he made the cut. Whatevs.