Wednesday, March 03, 2010

363 of 365

1. My formerly stalked doctor told me today that there is no lasting damage to my knee ~ just no more squats, lunges, stairmaster, jumping, or kneeling.  I can roll with that.
2. Found the outage in the books for the-place-where-I-worship.  Finally!  I can sleep tonight.
3. New plumbers came today & fixed all our slow drainage issues quickly & for cheap.  They didn't even charge mileage!
4. Beer & trifle after rehearsal to celebrate Chaddy's birthday.
5. Nuts and bolts ~ the snack food, not the tools.   Just to clarify...

Clawing my way to happiness through 365 Days Of Grace.

1 comment:

Roan said...

A cheap plumber? Wonder if he travels...