Sunday, February 28, 2010

3 Years

I dream of you often.

You come into my life as suddenly as you left it, & after I am over my shock & surprise at finding you alive, we have such a great visit. "I thought you were dead!" I exclaim.  You scoff.   We talk of nothing & everything.  We laugh.  We gossip.  We hug.  

It is such a relief, in my dream, to know that I was mistaken, that you are not dead; that you have just been away; that I have had a weird dream that convinced me you were gone.  I am thrilled to see you, to hear your laugh, to touch you, to know that your 3 daughters & 2 grandsons are not without you in their lives.

After we catch up, you carry on your merry way, saying "See ya!" "See you soon," I echo, a feeling of peace flowing over me.

Such a feeling of peace.

I wake up to find it's been just a dream ~ that your death is the reality & this dream has been a cruel hoax.

Each time, it's like losing you all over again. 

I like to believe that you are visiting me.  You were a believer in many things: psychics & the afterlife, visitations & hauntings.  Why can't I believe in you? 

If it is you, please don't stop.  Your visit is worth the pain.


Anonymous said...

Dreams do play such tricks on us.
My mother frequently visits me in mine & we seem to inter act, and I regularly wake @ night thinking I can hear her calling out for me.


Fairy Mae said...

I love it when I get a visit from them. All of them. The horses, the dogs, my family. I cry when I wake up though, I want to stay sleeping. I want it to never end....but I still wake up.