Thursday, January 14, 2010

De-Lurk! De-Mystify! De-light Me With Your Comments!

It's official de-lurking day, boys & girls, & that means what exactly?

It means I wanna hear from you.  I wanna know who you are, where you from, how you found DBM, & what makes you come back.   If indeed you do come back.  I hope you come back.  Pleeeeeeeese come back!

I digress.

Let me know I'm not talking to a room fulla nothing, m'kay?  I don't like the sound of crickets.


Anonymous said...

Ok, I'll go first!

My name is Christine and I'm from PA. I can't remember how I found you, but I come back b/c you're authentic and I happen to share a goal w/you. Except I'm not a crabby drunk, but a sleepy one. AND I heart cats and my claim to fame is I built the very first 'cat house' in my neighborhood. me a bleeding heart, but I couldn't let all those little wayward furballs sleep under a bridge w/no food this winter.
You rock Wilma. That's the reason I come back.

Anonymous said...

I'm Lynn, from KS. I was led to your site from a now defunct site I checked in on from time to time. I come back regularly because you've made me laugh, hard and out loud,and you've spoken to issues I, too, feel strongly about. Now and then, like when sharing about Demonspawn's illness, you've made me find empathetic tears at the corners of my eyes. I enjoy hearing about your theater experiences. And, not just now and then, I've brought your site up at work to share with someone I know will enjoy it as much as I did. I'll never meet you, but you're a part of my day lots of days. Thanks for being here. That's why.

Wilma said...

OMG this is all kinds of awesome!

Christine, I knew about you {& you're SO right, I do rawk! HA!} but Lynn! Welcome Lynn! Thanx for your kind words {not at all begged for by me heh heh} & I'm so glad you delurked.