Thursday, January 21, 2010

329 of 365

1. Brainstorming with The Big Bossman brought a solution to a computer problem plaguing Le Coq Rouge.
2. Puffy made an awesome supper that I was actually able to eat!  Real food!

3. The hamstring I strained yesterday is almost back to normal.
4. Lost another pound this week.  Ah, the ol' liquid diet is working well. It won't last, but it's working.

5. Robot Chicken has been renewed for another 2 seasons.  This makes me verra, verra happy.

Clawing my way to happiness through 365 Days Of Grace.


Queen of Halloween said...

Did he fire you...;)?

Anonymous said...

Aww, you pulled a hammy? Ouch. Lucky you that it's already healing!

I've never watched Robot's a cartoon, right? Well, it's Saturday morning so maybe I can catch an episode. Do they still do cartoons on Saturday?

Hmm...heading to kitchen for more thinks my brain needs juicing.