Tuesday, November 10, 2009


I'm back.

Well, I've been back for a while. Since Sunday.

I've also been feverish & infected in the throat area. My right neck gland is swollen to the size of an egg. One big-assed egg.

It hurts to swallow my own saliva. Forget about food, fruit juice, or the drugs the new doctor gave me.

I ~ the casual ~ have had to call in sick the last two days because I can't even be a body at work. I am too sick to show up & do nothing.

So, boys & girls, you will have to wait for my update about festival. Cuz it's my nap time again. & I can't focus anymore.

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Queen of Halloween said...

That sucks...my illness started with swollen glands! So take lots of care. Yucky as it sounds...I gargled with warm salt water [helps with the pain]. Get better soon & congrats with the award!