Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Have You Been High Today?

One of the hardest barriers we face as humans is the language barrier. Communication can be fraught with misunderstandings & frustrations. How many times have you witnessed people trying to get their point across to someone who doesn't speak English, only to hear them get louder & louder ~ like that's going to help. They are Mexican, not deaf!

Sometimes, we think we hear something only to find that we are sadly, tragically mistaken. A friend of a friend, deaf in one ear, went out for drinks with some girlfriends one night. While at the club, they were approached by some guys who showed their interest by buying a round. The friend of a friend was chatting with one guy, enjoying his attention, when she suddenly rounded on him with eyes blazing of fury. "Did you just call me a cock-tease?" she asked stridently. "Um...no," he replied, confused. "I was looking for my car keys." He did NOT ask for her number. She never saw him again.

True story.

Here we have a video of Tamil actor Prabhu Deva singing "Kalluri Vaanil". Now, it's hard for us English speakers not to strain to hear something familiar in other languages. So, I ask you, Boys & Girls, what would happen if you try to hear the lyrics as English? Well... this:

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Queen of Halloween said...

Just love the beat...I know , I'm crazy :) As for the video...different. I prefer the Thriller spoof better. Where do you find these...:) Love IT