Monday, August 10, 2009

Laughter Is Not Always The Best Medicine

FYI ~ when someone you know has had major abdominal surgery, don't make them laugh for at least 2 weeks after. Laughter is like punching them in the stomach. The more you know....

SO, I'm alive. & recouping. & doing a lot of nothing, like A LOT! Here's what I've accomplished thus far, in the 2 weeks since my surgery:

  • 42 naps.
  • removal of 17 staples.
  • incision opening after removal of said staples.
  • 1 morphine overdose ~ funny story, more later maybe.
  • plenty pills swallowed. & enjoyed.
  • eaten home-made soup {thanx Conrad!}.
  • eaten home-made buns {thanx Conrad!}.
  • lots of phone talky.
  • 6 chocolates eaten with delight.
  • entertained 5 visitors.
  • had 2 weekend guests.
  • watched the entire 1st season of The Rockford Files. Lurve you, James Garner! Mean it!
  • OMG! I just sneezed for the 1st time & it facking hurt!

Ok, I'm out.

1 comment:

Roan said...

No laughing for you! The 42 naps sounds especially nice. Take care.