Friday, August 28, 2009

Gosh It's Hot

With the demise of Magda the Bitch Cyst From Hell, along with all her sisters, luggage & pets, things have really heated up around here.


My OB-GYN warned me that I was now officially in menopause, but I really didn't think it would happen so quickly.

My first hot flash hit while I was still in the hospital, 2 days after my surgery. I wasn't really sure what was happening ~ all I knew was that my feet {unslippered, unshod, unsocked} were warm for the first time in years. The burning ring of fire started deep inside, just under my ribcage, & spiralled out to the rest of me in short order.

They don't last long ~ 15 seconds or so ~ & I don't get the nausea like some women, but it does interupt my sleep during the night. & it does mean I probably won't get to wear all my cuddly sweaters that I lurve.

On the plus side, I don't think I'll have to wear flannel old man jammies in the middle of summer anymore.


Smartie-Pants Krissie, having reached the ripe ol' age of 30 this year, rolls her eyes at Momma G & I every time we discuss le flash du fire. I said I would be glad to remind her of her smugness when the flashes start coming her way. Please, sweet Jeebus, let me remember this promise when the time comes!


I am well on my way to becoming an independent woman again, what with the being able to wedge myself into the vehicle & drive 6 blocks to the supah doopah Dodge Downtown today. Freedom!

I don't understand these people who refuse to get their licence. I couldn't survive. I'd go stark raving mad! They are crazay. My professional opinion.


In other news, Mono has decided that Alan Clarke is still madly in love with her, almost 15 years after they stopped dating, despite the fact that he never loved her when they were dating. Sad.

But, good for her to have such a healthy ego.


It's facking hot again.


Went for a walk again tonight {I'm following doctor's orders like a good girl} & narrowly avoiding an encounter with one of the most annoying men in the world.

Good thing I bought that lotto ticket today, as Lady Luck is apparently on my side today.


I'm pouting cuz I'm missing a great party tonight. Pebbles, Es, & Alleycat are hosting a toga party & I couldn't go. I'm mad. I feel like I did at 13 when Conrad would put her foot down, telling me "There'll be other parties."

I don't believe it now anymore than I did then.

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