Wednesday, August 26, 2009

238 of 365

1. Conrad coming for the day to clean my bathrooms & tackle the ironing pile.

2. Fitting in 2 walks today.

3. Chocolate black forest cake from my 85 year old neighbour. I lurve him!

4. Pebbles delivering my favs ~ chicken lemon rice soup & chai tea ~ as a complete surprise!

5. A beautiful day today.

Clawing my way to happiness through 365 Days Of Grace.


Scratchings in the Dirt said...

Does Conrad hire out?

Wilma said...

She does, but you have to have major surgery & a morphine OD to qualify.

Almost worth it to get the ironing done. Almost.

Scratchings in the Dirt said...

Do they have to be within a couple of days? Cause I had major surgery about three years ago, and I'm sure I could arrange for a morphine OD. I have that much ironing.