Thursday, June 11, 2009

153 ~ 161 of 365 (It's Been A Rough Week Edition)

I'll attempt to find the grace in my life again ~ not an easy task this week, but it is under adversity that we show our inner strength, right?

153 for June 2nd:

1. The close proximity of Chez Wilma to the Dodge Integrated Health Care Facility.

2. Nurse K.K., who is a bottomless well of compassion & comfort.

3. Dr. W, who knows when to joke & when to get down to business.

4. Gordo, for finding my vein first try.

5. IVs delivering sweet nectar of the gods.

154 for June 3rd:

1. Morphine.

2. Gravol.

3. Sleep.

4. Ultrasound technology located only 30 minutes away.

5. Puffy having an understanding boss who gave him time off to take me for the ultrasound.

155 for June 4th:

1. Getting unhitched from that damned IV pole.

2. Visits from friends for laughter & comfort & gifts.

3. Finally knowing what's wrong with me.

4. Dr.W compassionate way of delivering potentially bad news.

5. Being able to shower.

156 for June 5th:

1. Getting the IV needle removed from my arm.


3. My own bed.

4. Finding a stash of Percocet to help me through the pain.

5. DemonSpawn offering his little body as comfort.

157 for June 6th:

1. A day to play on the internet.

2. Napping.

3. Blissful silence.

4. Bananas.

5. Being home.

158 for June 7th:

1. Going in to Saskatoon a day early, to avoid the rush & stress of a morning drive.

2. Taking the long way around, to avoid the potholes & rough road.

3. Staying at my favourite hotel, known for their friendly & professional staff

4. & their medical room rates.

5. Room service & actually having the appetite to eat it!

159 for June 8th:

1. Having a relatively good sleep.

2. Waking to almost no pain.

3. Wearing clothes & doing my hair like a real person.

4. Seeing the doctor & getting things moving.

5. Getting blood tests done right away.

160 for June 9th:

1. Phone call from my cousin to find out what the heck is going on with me.

2. Open window

3. bringing fresh air & the sound of birds into my room.

4. Rain. Blessed rain.

5. Nyquil, Contac C, Advil Cold & Sinus.

161 for June 10th:

1. Conrad coming to help me out

2. by making me home-made soup

3. & banana bread

4. & cleaning out the fridge.

5. Spaghetti squash.

Clawing my way to happiness through 365 Days Of Grace.


Anonymous said...

I am glad they have got to the bottom of your pain and you are not in agony (at least as much) anymore.

I am here for you (and really I am --I am back in Canada) if you need ANYTHING please call.


Roan said...

The visits from friends sounds like the best medicine to me. Wishing you the best.