Monday, April 06, 2009

Lookin' Out My Backdoor

Saskatchewan is in the news again. Yup. The good ol' rectangle is making headlines & taking names. Premier Brad Wall managed to spend some hard-earned tax payers money to attend the National Job Fair in Toronto at the end of March in an attempt to lure Ontarionians away from the {self-professed} centre of the universe to the breadbasket of Canada.

"He'll also be going to the Grab-a-Grad job fair in Toronto to promote Saskatchewan's graduate-retention program, which gives tax credits of up to $20,000 to qualified post-secondary graduates."


Travelling across the country & throwing tax credits around like confetti at a wedding.

Here's an idea, Mr. Premier ~ why not go down the facking road & recruit right here in the province? Why not get in your car & go to the U of S in Saskatoon, or the U of R in Regina, or any of the SIAST campuses around the province & offer them the same incentives to stay in Saskatchewan? Just because these students are getting their education here doesn't mean they are either Saskatchewan natives or plan to stay here.

Let's do a little more to entice the people here in our own backyard before spending money on recruitment trips to bribe people to move here. Hell, I'd like some tax credits. Where's my reward to being a loyal member of Saskatchewan society? Where's my incentive to work & live in this province?

I'm not proud. I'll take a bribe.

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Anonymous said...

I think you should be forwarding this to your mla--you have some very good points that maybe they should consider.

it all starts at home....

take care