Saturday, April 18, 2009

Can't Glob. Drinking.

It's festival time, boys & girls, & that usually means one thing ~ putting my name on the liver transplant list.

It's been a fun time, a fun week with lots of good theatre, good friends, good times, good laughs.

We've had so many stories, so many jokes, so many bets {I lost a Doozey!}, so many cocktails that I'm sure I've forgotten most of what happened already.

I've made a new friend, lucking into a coffee face-to-face meeting with a blogging friend.

I've lost a big bet, won a big bet, went to bed late, woke up early, enjoyed a drama {for realz!}.

I've laughed more this week than I have in the last month. It's been a a fab time & tonight is the last night.

My liver looks forward to some rehab.

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