Sunday, March 08, 2009

67 of 365

1. Staying in my jammies all day.

2. Introducing Puffy to 2 of my fav movies from the Way Before Time ~ "Dazed and Confused" & "Heathers".

3. Watching fav movies.

4. Leftover sushi for lunch & supper.

5. Playing hooky from church just this once, including sleepin' in. Yay!

Clawing my way to happiness through 365 Days Of Grace.


french panic said...

dazed & confused is one of my all time favourites. ALL TIME.

And Heathers. My god, Heathers. Will be renting that thing toute suite!

Roan said...

Would have liked your 5 for myself. A day in jammies. Haven't been able to do that in a long time. When this move is finally over, I'm going to make a plan.