Tuesday, January 06, 2009

The Year Of Me ~ Part One, Step One

The Year Of Me

The Year Of Me is all about me & my happiness. & Part One of my journey to happiness is taking care of my health.

I suffer from IBS, which is not recognized by hardly anyone as an actual health problem, including most of the people I know & my doctor, but nonetheless, I suffer. The last few weeks, I've been really having issues with keeping things regulated, keeping thing happy in my abdomen. I've been having more frequent & harsher attacks.

This does not make me happy.

Thus, I have renewed my faith in the IBS Diet, renewed my conviction to get the attacks under control {& eliminate completely, if possible} & have started faithfully following the diet plan again. So far, it appears to be having some effect, as I have been having better days ~ much to my & Puffy's relief. The diet is not a diet in the sense of losing weight, but an eating plan to minimize or eliminate all IBS related symptoms & problems. It does work, but it takes work & I have made my mind up to follow it to the letter.

The added bonus of following the IBS diet is weight loss. At least, last time I faithfully followed it, I lost 30 LBS. Why? It removes high fat foods, red meat & dairy from the equation, as these are all triggers to attacks. This is not much of a hardship for me, as I already got rid of most of those things a long time ago. But the thing that kills me is cheeze. I lurve cheeze ~ it was my deserted island food ~ & I can't seem to find a suitable soy substitute.

No whining. I'd rather be healthy than cheezy!

Part One: Health
Step One: Change diet to get IBS symptoms under control



I know its not the same..but have you tried lactose-free cheese??

Wilma said...

It's not the lactose in dairy products that bothers me, it's a protein called casein that I can't have.

Queen of Halloween said...

As a fellow sufferer, I feel your pain...MOST DO NOT understand the agony IBS causes the body! Some proteins are VERY BAD for our inner workings! Chocolate is my enemy! It makes it hard to NOT worry or be happy? With the weight I've gained you have a lot of shoulder you can come cry on...;).Hang in with the change of food styles!