Saturday, December 06, 2008

Top 6 Random Facts About Moi

Fairy Mae over at The Cloisters tagged me up for this current meme floating around the interweb. I debated doing it, cuz I'm lay-zay but, what the hell. I haven't had a Top 6 for a while, so here goes.

6. I wear flannel jammies winter & summer cuz I am always cold. I am a lizard, really, with poor/no circulation whatsoever. If I could, I would crawl into the fireplace.

5. Unless alcohol is involved, it usually takes me over 1 hour to get to sleep cuz my brain won't shut off. I run over my day, editing conversations I've had, thinking of my to-do list, getting mad at Puffy who falls asleep before his head hits the pillow, waiting for the lights on auto-timer to click off...

4. I must have salsa with my eggs.

3. The only kind of music I completely dislike is country. It gives me a headache & causes my muscles to tense up. I'm not overly fond of thrash or rap, but can tolerate some of it. Country makes me puke a little in my mouth. Mayhaps I should clarify. NEW country makes me puke a little in my mouth {especially these facking bands who take awesome old 80s songs & countrify them & the stupid masses don't even realize they've stolen the song}. OLD country only makes me nauseous.

2. The older I get, the more things I have to carry in my purse, "just in case". You need it, I've got it. I would have SO been a contestant on 'Let's Make a Deal'. Monty Hall would have lurved my purse.

1. Typos, spelling mistakes, & grammatical errors can actually throw me into a rage. All right, I have issues. But spell-check doesn't fix everything!

I tag... well, I don't know who the hell reads this thing, & 2 of the people I do know have already done it, so feel free to carry this meme on if you wish!

Update: I officially tag Pamplemousse for this meme, as I also like knowing random facts about people I've only met in cyber space!


Tom Weston said...

No one has ever 'meme' me ever.

I don't like this new word, but I would like to play along, because I enjoy knowing random interesting things about people I've only met digitally.

Poopsie aka Blue said...

You have me running scared now... won't dare comment incase I make a spelling etc mistake...

An upset Blue

Wilma said...

Now Poopsie! I said it "can" make me mad. I didn't say it always does.

You're safe to comment. I promise.