Monday, December 22, 2008


Here are some things that are nice:

  • my 85 year old neighbour who snow-blows my sidewalk & driveway.
  • warm kitty purring on my lap.
  • talented choirs singing songs of celebration & praise.
  • Christmas decorations finally up at Chez Wilma.

Not so nice?

  • being in constant pain.
  • the ever-lasting deep freeze {10 days & counting} with predicted relief not coming until Saturday, 5 looooooong days away.
  • desperately needed dental appointment pushed back until January.


Roan said...

That 85 year old woman sounds like one of my aunts. She replaced a piece of tin on her barn roof at about that age. Me, I'll be lucky to still be breathing!

Queen of Halloween said...

Lucky you! It's nice to have neighbors like that. I seem to be the only one who keeps mine clean around here. Granted the town-by-law insists that businesses have fair is that?