Monday, December 29, 2008

Christmas At Chez Wilma

As you know, I have been suffering from all sorts of maladies lo these past few years, months, weeks including, but not limited to:
  • neck cramps
  • back muscle spasms
  • back pain
  • Christmas blues
  • headaches
  • jaw/teeth problems
  • sensitive stomach

So, come Christmas time, the last thing I wanted to do was hang out with a bunch of people {or any people, really} trying to find a comfortable position in which to sit, make small chat, & eat food that was guaranteed to make me sick ~ not because the food was rotten or the cook was bad, just because that's what ham & scalloped potatoes does ~ & thankfully, Puffy Kracker agreed to a pajama Christmas.

After having my brother over for supper on Dec. 24th, attending Christmas Eve Service at the-place-where-I-worship, then watching "A Christmas Story" according to our traditions here at Chez Wilma, we settled in for a long winter's nap.

Pajama Christmas consists of sleeping in &, well, staying in your pajamas all day. Pajama Christmas usually consists of a movie marathon, naps, some light reading, & eating whatever the hell we feel like eating, whenever the hell we feel like eating it.

This year, our movie marathon was the "Dirty Harry" series that Puffy got for Christmas. What a collection! Although, seriously, what WAS he thinking hooking up with Sondra Locke & putting her in all his movies? Really?!? She must have been more entertaining behind closed doors than she appears on film ~ at least for his sake I hope so ~ for she doesn't act well. Or, at all. I decided I would try to talk like her all evening, but got Dirty Harry looks from the Kracker so cut it out. I didn't want him calling me a punk & asking me if I felt lucky.

Puffy's shift meant that he had Christmas & the following 4 days off work, so we decided to start working our way through the backlog of movies piling up at the ol' Casa. We managed to see:

  • 5 Dirty Harry movies ~ Good times, & such nice Christmas movies, n'est-ce pas?
  • "Righteous Kill" ~ not good. Honestly, with DeNiro & Pacino, how can you go wrong? Script needed editing & the director needed replacing.
  • "The House Bunny" ~ also, not good. Wasn't anticipating much, & the movie still failed to meet those low expectations.
  • "Quantom of Solace" ~ me likey! Action, action, action!
  • "Tropic Thunder" ~ me likey lots! Laughed big time, so impressed by Robert Downey, Jr.
  • "Burn After Reading" ~ me likey. The Coen Brothers never fail to entertain & surprise.

I also managed to put up not one but TWO theme trees this year. I've never done a theme tree before, but am so in lurve with purple this season that I decorated a purple & silver tree upstairs & an angel tree downstairs. So, some Christmas spirit hit me eventually. I wasn't a complete Scrooge. Honest.

Purple & Silver


So, even though we didn't have a traditional day ~ although it almost is a tradition here ~ we had a wonderful Christmas, & a relaxing few days. Hope you all can say the same!

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