Tuesday, November 18, 2008


No. I did not die in some freak festival/booze-related accident. I made it home safe & sound ~ no thanks to the 55km of sheer ice I drove at 40 km/h. Even the semi drivers were scared. Yup. I saw their terrified faces pressed against the glass as I whizzed by at 50km/h. I am such a risk-taker. Ah well, it was only 55km of a 400km trek whilst slightly hungover & tired. Could have been worse.

Fack! I need a day off. I have so much to tell you, boys & girls, & I have no time to formulate a thought.

Working for the rest of the week of my life...sigh.

1 comment:

Roan said...

I would have been one of those terrified faces. You are gutsy!