Wednesday, November 12, 2008

I Still Lurve You

Following a disastrous less-than-stellar performance in the West Semi-Final {losing to B.C. BOOOO! 33-12} the Roughriders wasted no time in getting to the bottom of the problem & placed quarterback Michael Bishop on waivers. Now, I don't know that all the issues can be put at the feet of Bishop, in fact, I don't believe they can. 50% of the blame lays with the coaching decisions to keep Bishop in when he was cold.

& he was cold on Saturday, throwing 3 interceptions & losing possession of the ball through a fumble. The man has the best arm I've seen since I started faithfully watching football, & when he's hot no one can touch him. But he's either hot or cold. There is no happy medium. It's unfortunate, cuz I think he's a talent, but he needs some time with a hypnotist to settle himself down so he can fully achieve what he's capable of.

That being said, I DO NOT agree with the Rider fans booing one of our own players off the field. That's not right. That's not kosher. That's not acceptable. It was the one thing that I could boast about, the one thing that nevah, evah happened at Taylor Field/Mosaic Stadium. Can't say that anymore & I'm ashamed & disappointed in those who participated. You ALWAYS support your team. ALWAYS. That's what being a fan is about.

So, the season is over for the Green 'n' White. By the numbers:

12 wins
6 loses
8 broken legs {word has it, Szarka broke his leg during the playoff game}
18 consecutive sell-outs
5 quarterbacks
1 sad Wilma, but proud of the ability of the team to overcome set-backs

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Roan said...

12 wins is pretty impressive. I've remained a Dallas Cowboy fan, even through all their losing seasons. Hey, cheer up! There's always next year! BJ