Monday, October 20, 2008

Food, Friends, & Fond Farewells


Puffy & I hosted a dinner party with such fun guests as ConMan, T2, PeterPan & FlyBoy, in honour of Miss FancyPants once again leaving us for the smog-filled air & hairwash delights of Taiwan. It was a wonderful but bittersweet evening for me, as I said goodbye to one of my closest friends.

FancyPants & I have been through a lot together. We officially met December 31, 1989 at a party {even though Conrad insists we played together as children} & have been friends ever since. We grew up 12 miles but a whole world apart. I knew her sister for years before I'd ever met Fancy.

We attended university together, partying as much as humanly possible {sometimes more}, got involved in pranks & stalkings, bar misunderstandings & Place Riel loungings. She was there the night I was struck speechless, witnessed several examples of really bad driving, & saved me from several undesirable men. I kidnapped her when she was depressed; she took me out partying all night before my Econ final {P.S. I passed. Thank you, Bell Curve!}.

Our friendship has had highs & lows. We've drifted apart, lost touch for a while, but always come back together as close as before.

We survived her previous stint in Taiwan. We'll survive this one.

But it still hurts a little to think I can't see her in 1/2 hour if I want to.

She flies out today. Bon Voyage, mon ami!


Roan said...

It sure is hard not to have your close friends near. I've three who live too far away, but we do email and call regularly. At least you can still communicate electronically. BJ

Wilma said...

Luckily, I'm used to it as most of my friends live far away.

I wonder why they keep moving on me?

Poopsie aka Blue said...
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Anonymous said...

Parting is such sweet sorrow - NOT!
But, true friends remain friends no matter the distance.

FlyBoy - LOL!

The deleted comment was me.