Sunday, October 05, 2008

50% CFL Happiness

Big football weekend. Big games. Big hopes. Big dreams.

I may have mentioned a time or 7 how much I enjoy the CFL. How much I enjoy {& prefer} Canadian Football to those other guys south of us. They may steal recruit all the excessively talented players & coaches by offering them buckets of money, but our game seems faster, bigger, & better to me. TO ME ~ for anyone south of the border, I'm not knocking your game. It's a perfectly acceptable game. But I prefer ours.

Plus, the season is much shorter, & there are only 8 teams to keep track of. Much more conducive to my poor, Alzheimer addled brain.

So, like I said. Big football weekend. The standings are so close right now, especially in the west, that any & all maneuvering to get my beloved Roughriders in a better spot is what I'm hoping for now.

  • The Green & White ended a 3 game losing streak with a big win over rivals Calgary. 25% happiness.
  • BC beats Toronto. 25% unhappiness.
  • Hamilton, the underdogs in the league, fight their way to a big win over Montreal after losing 6 in a row. 25% happiness.
  • Edmonton beats Winnipeg. 25% unhappiness.

There is now a 4-way tie for first place in the league ~ of which 3 teams are from the west, 1 team being the Good Guys in Green!

I do lurve my football. So much so that I had the games on yesterday, while Puffy was busy playing on his computer. He forgot. He FORGOT the games were on.

I'm now officially the man of the house.

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Anonymous said...

okay man of the house--do you two not talk--could you not have hollered down to him about the game???

confusded but still love you both

Wilma said...

Nope, there is no longer any talking in our house.

It's just better this way :-)

He's a big boy. If he can't keep track of the schedule on his own, then he's going to miss games.

Anonymous said...

love you!!